Maikel Deekman’s practice unites different worlds—the one of his ancestors and the world of his current life, now. Through his work, he blends the cultural heritage of the Maroons with the contemporary aesthetics of (Dutch) modernism. What distinguishes Deekman's work is his juxtaposition of different techniques—that of craft and handicraft against that of contemporary, high-tech technologies. These cross-pollinations result in colorful works that explore the interplay of technology and tradition.  

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16 Decimal 
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Maikel Deekman
16 Decimal  (2022)
Digital Patchwork 
Unfair - Web-maikel_deekman-digital_patchwork_framed_mamjo_installation-cu-540x225cm-2021_web-maikeldeekman
Unfair - Web-maikel_deekman-digital_patchwork_framed_mamjo_installation-front-540x225cm-202-_web-maikeldeekman

Maikel Deekman
Digital Patchwork  (2021)
THE GOAT series
Unfair - Web-maikeldeekman-the_goat_serie1-goatskin_fabric_patterns-110x80cm-2022_web-maikeldeekman

Maikel Deekman
THE GOAT series (2022)
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Maikel Deekman (1971) is a Suriname-born artist currently residing in Amsterdam. In 2021, Deekman graduated from the Unstable Media program at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Since then, his work has been exhibited at Loods 6, BIG ART, and Galerie Ron Mandos among others.


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