Morgan Ton's visual research explores the origin of the artist’s creativity, through the mediums of photography, mixed media, and writing. Her current project, Applesauce, reflects on the themes of identity, subconsciousness, escapism, and the dream world. The project is based on her own, sometimes unexplainable, visual translations and her newfound knowledge from her current studies in the field of Psychology. With Applesauce, Ton explores the fine line between daydreaming and delusions, as well as the delicate balance between self-expression and self-protection. Her research also draws on the intricacies of information processing and the elusive nature of complete understanding. 

Ton's artistic intentions are like medicine hidden in a bowl of applesauce—the true meaning concealed within the layers of her work, even when coated with a sweet exterior. 

Unfair - Morgan_ton_greenlightsexpo_2021

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Grenlights Exhibition
Unfair - Morgan_ton_greenlightsexpo2_2021

Morgan Ton
Grenlights Exhibition (2021)
Unfair - Morgan_ton_pigmented_2019

Morgan Ton
Pigmented (2019)
Unfair - Morgan_ton_2 (1)

Morgan Ton (2000) is a Dutch artist currently residing in Maastricht. In 2021, she obtained her BFA from the Minerva Academy in Groningen. She is currently pursuing a study in  'Health sciences' at the Maastricht University, which is closely related to psychology. Her work has been exhibited at venues such as Waterford Gallery and Ron Mandos, among others.


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