Myrte van der Molen conducts research into social behaviour and identity. By staging social situations in her work, she creates visions of the future that question rules of behaviour in the social sphere. Her work shows that every language, whether in word or body language, has its own function, but also refers to the underlying layers below the surface. The body language, text and utensils that are used in her work depend on the known associations. By making new combinations, dissecting language and changing rules of conduct, installations that question the social sphere are being formed. As a result, her work – which started with objects, costumes, installations, performance and video work – continues to expand in new disciplines.

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SOSocial Ufohoofd
Unfair - Myrte_vandermolen_sosocial ufohoofd_2021_ashleyrottjers

Myrte van der Molen
SOSocial Ufohoofd (2021)

(Picture by Ashley Rottjers)

SOSSocial Installation
Unfair - Myrte_vandermolen_sosocial installatie art rotterdam_2021_ashleyrottjers
Unfair - Myrte_vandermolen_sosocial installatie_2021_ashleyrottjers

Myrte van der Molen
SOSSocial Installation (2021)

(Picture by Ashley Rottjers)

No Lines Hal
Unfair - Myrte_vandermolen_no lines hal_2022_robwillemsen

Myrte van der Molen
No Lines Hal (2022)

(Picture by Rob Willemsen)

No Lines Keuken
Unfair - Myrte_vandermolen_no lines keuken_2022_robwillemsen

Myrte van der Molen
No Lines Keuken (2022)

(Picture by Rob Wilemsen)

Unfair - Myrte_vandermolen_lizawolters
(Picture by Liza Wolters)

Myrte van der Molen (1994) is a Rotterdam-based artist. She completed her minor in Fine Arts at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHiB) in Bergen, Norway in 2015. She furthered her studies and obtained her bachelor's degree at St. Joost in Breda. In 2021, she successfully completed her education at the Konings Theater Academie in Den Bosch. Her works have been shown in galleries and museums in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, London, Rome, Portland and Shanghai.

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