Narges Mohammadi’s practice stems from a position of in-betweenness, navigating the intricate space between separated cultural histories. The artist creates immersive installations and sculptures that embody long-lost memories. Mohammadi's works are characterized by an interplay of fragrances, colors, symbols, and customs drawn from diverse cultural heritages. By using widely accessible materials in environments that have seemingly outgrown them, she brings together different senses of home.

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In Gratitude
Unfair - 19 in gratitude_mg_4953 _ natascha libbert

Narges Mohammadi
In Gratitude (2021)
Passing Traces
Unfair - 1 passing traces_0

Narges Mohammadi
Passing Traces (2020)
Passing Traces
Unfair - 2 passing traces_1

Narges Mohammadi
Passing Traces (2020)
Schoon Verlangen
Unfair - 14-schoon-verlangen-i-2_12

Narges Mohammadi
Schoon Verlangen (2020)
Invisible Hands
Unfair - Web-narges_mohammadi_invisible hands_2023_photgrapher io sivertsen_ copy

Narges Mohammadi
Invisible Hands (2023)

(Picture by Io Sivertsen)

Unfair - Narges_mohammadi_portrait invisible hands_2023_photographer lizzy zaanen (1)

Narges Mohammadi (1993) is a Dutch-Afghan artist, curator, and DJ currently based in The Hague, the Netherlands. In 2018 she obtained a BA in Modern and Contemporary Art History from Utrecht University. In 2020, she completed her BA in Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Arts The Hague. Mohammadi's work has been showcased at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, Museum Villa Mondriaan, Het Hem, TENT, and numerous others. Aside from her artistic practice, Mohammadi also works as a freelance program maker and curator.

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