Daan Couzijn is a conceptual and interdisciplinary artist. Central to his artistic practice is the romantic desire for - and the questioning of - authenticity. He uses a range of media and techniques to express his ideas; from sculpture and painting to video and installation. Drawing inspiration from various sources, including philosophy, literature, visual culture, he frequently incorporates found objects, materials and images into his work. 

Couzijn doesn't regard the artwork as an end point, but as a simple moment in an infinite network of contributions. Refusing any form of "source-hypocrisy", he embraces all ideas as second-hand, consciously and unconsciously drawn from a million outside sources. By combining different contextual elements, he creates new meanings and narratives that speak to the complexities of contemporary life.

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Beautiful Impact
Unfair - Daan couzijn- beautiful impact - 2019

Daan Couzijn
Beautiful Impact (2019)

(Picture by Tom Janssen)

Fat Guy Dancing
Unfair - Daan_couzijn_title fat guy dancing_year 2018_photographer daan couzijn

Daan Couzijn
Fat Guy Dancing (2018)
Forever Online
Unfair - Daan_couzijn_title forever online_year 2017_photographer daan couzijn

Daan Couzijn
Forever Online (2017)
Holier Than Thou
Unfair - Daan_couzijn_title holier than thou_year 2021_photographer daan couzijn

Daan Couzijn
Holier Than Thou (2021)
In The Dutch Mountains
Unfair - Daan_couzijn_title in the dutch mountains_year 2022_photographer flavio karrer

Daan Couzijn
In The Dutch Mountains (2022)

(Picture by Flavio Karrer)

Thinking Of Holland (detail)
Unfair - Daan_couzijn_title thinking of holland (detail)_year 2023_photographer daan couzijn
Unfair - Daan_couzijn_title thinking of holland_year 2023_photographer daan couzijn

Daan Couzijn
Thinking Of Holland (detail) (2023)
Unfair - Daan couzijn, untitled, 2023

Daan Couzijn
Untitled (2023)
Unfair - Daan_couzijn_title in the dutch mountains_year 2022_photographer flavio karrer
In the Dutch Mountains (2022)

Daan Couzijn (1994) is a Dutch artist based in Amsterdam and Paris. After having studied singing at the Conservatory of Music in Rotterdam and performance art at the Institute of Performative Arts in Maastricht, Couzijn concluded his education at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. His work was shown in Rozenstraat - a rose is a rose is a rose in Amsterdam, Musée du Louvre in Paris, Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt in Berlin and Modern Animals gallery in Zurich, among other venues. Couzijn’s work has been acquired by several private and public collections. His practice was recognised by the Mondriaan Fund in 2021 when he received the Artist Start grant.

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