Paola Quiñonez Rees

Paola Quiñonez Rees’ body of work mainly consists of clay portraits, each one sculpted and painted by hand. Her works explore how the self responds to our modern, globalized society, incorporating symbolism from social media, pop culture, and the general zeitgeist. Questioning her relationship with culture, the artist reflects on how her own memories and narratives have contributed to the formation of her ever-shifting identity. Masks play an important role in her work, symbolizing protection within a sometimes-hostile system. Through her artistic practice, she deconstructs her acquired behaviors, dismantling the influence of her superego.

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Piñata 2
Unfair - Paola_quinonez_piñata2_2022_paola

Paola Quiñonez Rees
Piñata 2 (2022)
Unfair - Paola_quiñonez_po2_2022_paola
Unfair - Paola_quinonez_po_2022_paolaquiñonez

Paola Quiñonez Rees
Po (2022)
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Paola Quiñonez Rees (1998) is a Latin American artist currently residing in Lisbon. In 2021, she completed her BA at Minerva Academy. Her work has been showcased in venues such as The Wunder Wall in Antwerp, Ron Mandos, Galerie Pouloeuff, and various others.


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