At Unfair we host a series of performances as part of different programs throughout the weekend. 

GREY AREA - Closing Exhibition
Caz Egelie - 11_091_BWC6116

Caz Egelie

I’m still lumbered with the banal descriptor Minimalist, 2022
Performed by Thomas van der Berg, Caz Egelie and Nushka Levysohn
Thursday July 14th at 17:00
Saturday July 16th at 14:00

In “I’m still lumbered with the banal descriptor Minimalist” a performer takes on the role of The Prompter, seated in the middle of a picnic. Guided by live sound, played on a butt-shaped cymbal-esque ‘instrument’, The Prompter takes the audience on a journey through the thoughts and feelings of various public sculptures, highlighting themes like voyeurism and visual codes of seduction.

Caz Egelie is an artist based in the Netherlands and creates installations, performances, two-dimensional works and videos. In their multi-disciplinary body of work the visual vocabulary of the works is combined with Caz’ conceptual approach, and their appetite for theater and performativity. Often referring to other artists, Caz’ works question themes such as authenticity and originality. Caz studied Fine Arts at the HKU in Utrecht and has recently exhibited and performed at CENTRALE Brussels (2021), Open Space London (2020), Centraal Museum Utrecht (2019) and Palais de Tokyo (2019).

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Join her performance playlist on spotify.

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Eilit Marom

Singing Along, 2022.
Performed by Chandana Sarma, Doron Gallia, Myrthe Bokelmann, Tao Nacaal and Thierry Lorenzo
Thursday July 14th at 18:15

In Singing Along, Eilit continues to adapt Adam Phillips book in her collection of Unforbidden Pleasures into choreographic tasks questioning the authorities that govern our desire. Singing Along attends the joy we take in joining a song one can’t resist. Five performers move in a persistent groove and staccato bursts from an inner experience to a collective shared act of uttering self expression, powered by a playlist.

In it’s most pure form Singing Along takes place while driving a car and listening to the radio. For Eilit, this is a casual and magical act of liberation, turning singing from a talent to an effective permission to be silly and fabulous. She is taken by its capacity to walk the line between embarrassment and empowerment when being moved by a song.

Eilit Marom is a choreographer, performance artist and an observer of human resonance based in The Hague. Inspired by her father who always gives her the best bite of his sandwich, she mirrors this care for the public. Her performances are transdisciplinary experiences, driven by a physical task so clear it offers freedom of interpretation. Born and raised in Israel, Eilit developed an international career as a performer, maker and teacher, setting her performances in theaters, museums such as Helmhaus (Zurich), Korzo (The Hague) and Supercell (Brisbane).

Marijn Ottenhof - The Governed Subject - 2022
Sounding Out Practice New Contemporaries

Marijn Ottenhof

Whysoserious (live set)
Saturday July 16th at 17:30

Working under the moniker whysoserious, Marijn creates soundscapes in which she looks at sci-fi and horror soundtracks as ways to express alienation and fear, and to rave and club culture as empowering strategies for a disrupted future. Whysoserious when it’s only the world that’s burning?

Marijn Ottenhof is a visual artist based in Antwerp, Belgium. She received her bachelor degree in Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (KABK) and her masters of Fine Arts at the Royal College of Art in London. Her work has been shown in multiple galleries and museums such as the South London Gallery, Nieuw Dakota Amsterdam, Centraal Museum Utrecht, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and P/////AKT Amsterdam. In 2019 she was a resident at Sundaymorning@EKWC, in Oisterwijk (The Netherlands).

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Emirhan Akin - Portrait 2021
1. Emirhan Akin, 'Who's going to die, if I kill my self ' Performance 2020 HetHem, Amsterdam, Documentation from Sandberg Graduat
5. Emirhan Akin, Find Each Other Performance 2021 HetHem, Amsterdam, Photographer - Sankrit Oat


“DUTY-FREE”, 2022.
Daily durational performance.

DUTY-FREE is a four-day long durational performance, consisting of a VICTIM, a TERRORIST, an ARTIST, and a CURATOR. Imported from far lands, traveled miles to arrive at this spot, what does this shipping crate for art carry inside? Which one of the four are you looking at?

In this new work, EMIRHAKIN invites the audience to think about the economy of an art fair, the economy of performance art, and the economy of attention. Why are you looking at what are you looking at?

EMIRHAKIN is an artist and designer based in the Netherlands. In 2020 he obtained a MA in Design from the Sandberg Instituut. His work has been exhibited at W139, Amsterdam, De Appel, Amsterdam, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, and Het HEM, Amsterdam. In 2021 he was awarded the EYE Research LAB Award for Best Artwork.

Link to EMIRHAKIN’s profile.

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