Pieter van der Schaaf

Pieter van der Schaaf’s installations utilize construction materials normally concealed behind architectural cladding, facade or rendering; adhering to the technical standards of the material while using it to directly build a visual space. As a result, the material intervention and the space housing it function as parallel versions of one another. The work is a diagrammatic representation of the hosting space; merging into, and infiltrating its architectural logic, and adhering to the same international standardizations, thus parasitizing the exhibition infrastructure. Van der Schaaf aims to destabilize the assumption of who hosts or supports whom within an exhibition context by working with its own infrastructure, effectively having the walls turn their back towards the viewer.

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Untitled (Zuiveringshal 1)
Unfair - Pieter van der schaaf, untitled (zuiveringshal 1) (2020)

Pieter van der Schaaf
Untitled (Zuiveringshal 1) (2020)
Untitled (Zuiveringshal 2)
Unfair - Pieter van der schaaf, untitled (zuiveringshal 2) (2020)

Pieter van der Schaaf
Untitled (Zuiveringshal 2) (2020)
Unfair - Pieter van der schaaf, suzanne (2020)

Pieter van der Schaaf
Suzanne (2020)
Superior High Shine
Unfair - Pieter van der schaaf, superior high shine, 2018

Pieter van der Schaaf
Superior High Shine (2018)
Unfair - Pieter van der schaaf, 6, 2019
Unfair - Pieter van der schaaf, 6, 2019

Pieter van der Schaaf
6 (2019)
Unfair - Pieter-van-der-schaaf_untitled-002-with-dog-paws_2018_1-1-2048x1202

Pieter van der Schaaf (1984) lives and works in Paris. In 2010 he graduated from the Minerva Art Academy in Groningen and was artist-in-residence at the Jan van Eyck Academy Maastricht and at Artistes en Résidence in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Van der Schaaf won the Prix Boesner at the 65th edition of Jeune Création Paris in 2014 and the post-academic grant by the Mondriaan Fund in 2016. His work is exhibited in The Netherlands and abroad in art spaces such as NEST The Hague and Fondation d’entreprise Ricard in Paris.

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