Unfair has organized over 30 events and projects over the last short decade, amongst these were:


Unfair is an innovative art fair, a biennial, a group exhibition and art festival celebrating contemporary art.

Every edition, we show 40 solo presentations with the most recent, unprecedented work of the best upcoming and established artists of today and tomorrow and present an extensive program with lectures, live radio shows, DJ sets, dance, performance, film and much more.

Discover new work by an emerging generation of artists, connect directly with the makers and experience a unique overview of the latest developments in the cultural field.


Unfair aims to create a fusion between an exhibition and art fair format. The design reflects a new way of experiencing art fairs, in which the adventurous, exciting thrill of visiting large scale exhibitions is combined with the 40 individual presentations of the participating artists.

The Unfair Architect Award is a competition for the exhibition design of Unfair. Each edition we work closely with a selected committee, who will introduce ten upcoming talented architects. Three shortlisted participants are invited to pitch their sketch-designs.

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Unfair™ Westerpark

Unfair™ Westerpark is the second installment of our temporary museum series. In the middle of one of the most visited public parks in Amsterdam, we’ve built a brand-new temporary museum, from September to October 2021.


Unfair wouldn’t be possible without the support of both our artists and the public. With this in mind, we’re proud to organize special fundraising events.

With these special events, we offer a personal, and thrilling, approach to buying works by our artists, whilst also contributing to our projects. In this way we make sure we can keep on doing what we do best; showing and promoting the brightest artist of today.

Unfair Profiles

This is our Permanent Collection, a selection of up close and permanent encounters with the best artists of a generation in their studio. Find out what floats their boat.


In our Unfair Game of Interview Roulette, two artists have been randomly paired together to answer each other’s questions about the specs and rambles of their artistic life & practice. We’ve asked all our artists to send us three questions they would like another artist to answer. Next, we randomly picked secret couples. Each couple answered each other’s questions, but the fun part is, they don’t know who they’re paired with or who’s questions they’re answering.

Read the selection of short yet revealing conversations here!

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