Unfair has organized over 30 events and projects over the last short decade, amongst these were:

Unfair Art Fair

Unfair is an innovative art fair, a group exhibition and art festival celebrating contemporary art.

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Unfair Architect Award

The Unfair Architect Award is a competition for the exhibition design aiming to create a fusion between an exhibition and art fair format.

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Unfair Profiles

This is our Permanent Collection, a selection of up close and permanent encounters with the best artists of a generation in their studio. Find out what floats their boat.

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Unfair Amsterdam - Introullet

Interview Roulette

In the Unfair Game of Interview Roulette, two artists are randomly paired to answer each other’s questions about the specs and rambles of their artistic life & practice.

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Unfair Westerpark

In the middle of one of the most visited public parks in Amsterdam, we’ve built a temporary museum.

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Unfair Amsterdam - Dtk2103-1-900x601

Fundraiser Auction

Unfair wouldn’t be possible without the support of both our artists and the public. With this in mind, we offer a personal approach to buying work at our fundraising events, whilst also contributing to our projects.

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