UNFAIR22 will offer visitors an extensive public programme, with performances, guided tours, workshops and more.

At Unfair22 we present over 40 solo-presentations by up-and-coming and renowned artists, and a unique opportunity to buy works directly at the maker. Browse our selection of artists via our artist profiles, get to know their works, recent developments or just browse their favorite tunes.

The artist presenting works at Unfair have been carefully selected by our yearly expert Curatorial Advisory Committee. This year’s committee consists of Jeanette Bisschops (curator), Yousef Gnaoui (musician), Aude Christel Mgba (curator), Thomas van Huut (journalist) and the partners of Unfair. Read more on them here.

Unfair offers the unique possibility to buy art works directly from the maker. With this concept, we promote personal connections in the art market and contribute to a fair market in which the maker has a more central position. To help you find a good match, we offer a full sale service free of charge, supported by our trained hosts available on location.

On top of that, we have a broad selection of programs to get you in contact with the makers or lower the dreaded threshold to buy that one work that rules them all. Ranging from daily guided tours, our collection program in which we showcase the collectors behind the works, or the possibility to buy works in installments, interest free, via the Kunstkoop ruling.

See how this year’s exhibition design by Fabulous Future came to life. A special area of UNFAIR22 will showcase the three designs shortlisted for our 2021 Unfair Architect Award. ‘Destination Center: Swamp’ by Fabulous Future (winner), ‘Not a fair, but a fair’ by Veldwerk and ‘Eleven Doors’ by Lindsey van de Wetering will be exhibited.

Fabulous Future, the winning team behind the UNFAIR22 exhibition design, presents the project Destination Center: Swamp, a layered journey through UNFAIR22. Utilizing a flexible and lightweight modular scenography system, the Gashouder will be divided into three distinct zones which play with translucency, artificiality, navigation and suspense. A bustling cityscape, hidden corners and a swampy gathering space, UNFAIR22 will be an open world for you to explore freely, a fictional landscape where past, present and future collide.

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Our visionary Architecture Award is designed to celebrate and promote the best up and coming architects of today, showcasing a unique cross-over between current architecture and contemporary art. In 2021 we hosted an open call and a jury of experts nominated three short-listers to pitch a new spatial design for Unfair22. The winning project by Fabulous Future became the starting point for the design of the fair, bringing Unfair to another level. 

Start your collection now! At Editions we show work of over 65 artists that have been made in edition or series. Get acquainted with a wide selection of works by renown and emerging artists below the €500,- price mark. The works featured in the Editions’ booth will include paintings, sculptures, photography, installations, and so much more.

We believe that the experience of buying art should be easy, affordable, and accessible to all. Inside this year’s Edition’s booth, you will be guided through every step of the way by our trained hosts. Don’t miss out on this chance to start your collection, or to top it off, with one of the unique works on sale at the Editions booth during Unfair22.

Unfair presents Inspired Flight, a unique showcase of works by five emerging contemporary artists that have been awarded one of the Seed Awards by the Prince Claus Fund in 2021. From 100 awardees, we curated a selection that represents global cultural trends for upcoming makers, from all over the world. Their works, reflecting on social issues and exploring roots, identity and alternative futures, will be shown in a specially curated exhibition at Unfair22.

This programme is produced in collaboration with the Prince Claus Fund, an organization supporting, connecting and celebrating artists from Africa, Asia, Latin America, The Caribbean and Eastern Europe. The annual Prince Claus Seed Awards feature the works of 100 emerging artists and cultural practitioners engaging with socio-political issues. Read more about their award here.

With works by; Sallisa Rosa (Brasil), Aristote Mago (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Masha Svyatogor (Belarus), Johny Gomes (JOTA) (Brasil) and Sumi Anjuman (Bangladesh).

We believe the life journey of a great work of art, from the studio of the proud maker to the home of a grateful and loving buyer can be more transparent, celebrating makers and buyers taking care of contemporary art. For this, we have set up the Unfair Collection; an innovative way to rethink the concept of public and private art collections. Our collection is decentralized, without geographical limits, and with a focus on the works and the artists.

Since 2014, a large amount of works have been sold at our events to private and corporate buyers living all around the world. These works are exhibited in private homes, offices and other locations. These works we call our collection. This means that our collection is in constant expansion and includes a wide array of different artistic expressions such as paintings, sculptures, photography, film, performance art, and more. In time, our collection will be indexed and accessible to the public, online.

Unfair Website_Collection (7)
Unfair Website_Collection (5)

At Unfair22 we bring together a curated selection of works we have featured and sold in past events, showcasing also their buyer. We invite you to dive into our ever growing collection, meet their makers and caretakers, and eventually get inspired to join their ranks by purchasing a work at Unfair.

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PIP and Unfair have joined forces for a one-off nightly programme crossing the boundaries of art and nightlife. Saturday July 16th, Unfair will transform in to a exciting, living festival ground where art, performances, DJ’s and drinks coincide. Joins us and see Unfair like you have never seen it before! Line up TBA. To buy your Early Bird tickets, or for more info click here.

This year, the Unfair Summer School is back! A free-of-charge, unique workshop for children led by professional artists, Unfair Summer School is designed for children aged from 6 to 12 years old, who are given the opportunity to express their own creativity and put to use their imaginative capabilities in a unique setting.

The Unfair Summer School will offer inspirational workshops by some of our talented artists: children will learn more about our artists’ stories and where they get their inspiration during a guided tour at Unfair22. After that, children will be encouraged to use their own creativity in the workshops, which will focus on various materials such as painting, drawing and ceramics.

Our goal is to let children create something they can be proud of. A selection of the finished works will be showcased on our social media. Join us at the Unfair Summer School at Unfair22!

This programme is in Dutch only. Click here for more info.




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