Ruben Mols critically examines the development of information technology, blending together feelings of curiosity and skepticism. Over the last thirty years, this technology has become increasingly ingrained in daily life, leading Mols to question our connection to the world. How do these devices affect our relationship with our bodies and minds, and impact the understanding of our environments? His work takes shape in visual inquiries exploring the intricate relationship between individuals and their digital devices; these devices, often seen as extensions of ourselves, remain accessible primarily as consumer goods. Mols’ sculptures act as speculative machines, igniting the spectator's imagination. 

Unfair - Ruben_mols_thinksystem v1 + v2_2022

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Unfair - Ruben_mols_feeler_2020

Ruben Mols
Feeler (2020)
Goldfish: Umwelt
Unfair - Ruben_mols_goldfish _ umwelt_2022

Ruben Mols
Goldfish: Umwelt (2022)
Thinksystem VI
Unfair - Ruben_mols_thinksystem v1_2022

Ruben Mols
Thinksystem VI (2022)
Unfair - Ruben_mols

Ruben Mols (1991) is a Dutch artist currently residing in Rotterdam. In 2016, Mols obtained his bachelor's degree in Fine Art from the St. Joost Academy in Breda. From 2018 to 2019, he attended the Studio for Immediate Spaces program at the Sandberg Institute. Mols' work has been exhibited in venues including Art Rotterdam, NDSM-werf, Hilton Art Lab, TAC, and numerous others.

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