In 2021, Gilles de Brock and Jaap Giesen founded Studio GdB, driven by their dedication to combine technology with their love for design. During that same year, they unveiled the first version of their surface design system, enabling individuals to imbue their living and working environments with custom glazed ceramic tiles. Since then, Studio GdB has continued exploring inventive uses and production methods for their products, obsessing over materiality – its limitless potential, adaptable applications, and impacts.

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Studio GdB

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Studio GdB

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Studio GdB

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Studio GdB

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Studio GdB

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Gilles de Brock and Jaap Giesen are the experimental duo behind Studio GdB. They met each other during their studies at the Royal Academy of Art in the Hague and have been collaborating on projects ever since. With years of experience in graphic design, they’ve explored silkscreen prints, clothing designs and hand tufting carpets — to name a few. Nowadays, they’ve found their calling in ceramic tiles.
Gilles de Brock participated in Unfair20.

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