Studio Verter is a Rotterdam-based architecture practice, established in 2018 by Claudio Saccucci and Roxane van Hoof. Their expertise lies in the fields of architecture, design, research, and education. The practice’s primary objective is to create a clear architecture that emphasizes evident spaces while paying close attention to detail and materiality. Through their work, Studio Verter explores the tensions existing between opposites, questioning archetypes and recomposing them in projects with a language of their own. Their projects reflect an ongoing exploration of material, composition, and experiential qualities.

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Unfair - Studio_verter_foto_ying+shuxi

Grace Roxane van Hoof (1990) graduated in 2014 from TU Delft, with a MSc in Architecture. In 2018, after working for various architectural firms, she founded Studio Verter together with Claudio Saccucci.

Claudio Saccucci (1986) is an Italian architect currently based in the Netherlands. Saccucci graduated in 2013 from TU Delft, with a MSc in Architecture. Since then, he has collaborated with various architectural firms. In 2018, he founded Studio Verter, together with Grace Roxane van Hoof.

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