Tara-Eva Kuijpers Wentink


Tara-Eva Kuijpers Wentink's practice explores abstracted, amorphous shapes that refer to the inner physicality of the human body and its tissues. Through sculptural installations, she creates an environment that invites viewers to glimpse into another world. The colors used in her work emphasize a fleshy softness, while the materials enhance the tactile aspect of her works. Reminiscent of roots sprouting from a plant, or veins pulsating life within a heart, her work embodies the duality of both, the origins of life and the imminent death.

Unfair Amsterdam - Song of a source & birth of a corps floweron expo at at koninklijke academie voor schone kunsten antwerpen, masters graduation show sculpture june 2022 andcultuur centrum knokke heist, belgie december 2022 - februari 2023https://www.knokke-heist.be/vr

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Rebirth of a corpse flower
Unfair Amsterdam - Tara-eva_kuijpers wentink_rebirth of a corpse flower_marrescurrents10_2022-23_photografersentadevries_f2860-c

Tara-Eva Kuijpers Wentink
Rebirth of a corpse flower (2023)

(Picture by Sentade Vries)

Unfair Amsterdam - Tara-eva_kuijpers_wentink_the_artist_2023 (1)

Tara-Eva Kuijpers Wentink (1996) is a Dutch artist currently living in Amsterdam. She graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy with a BFA in 2020 and in 2022 with an MFA from the Royal Academy of Art in Antwerp. Her work has been exhibited at Het Hem, Blikfabriek, Sculpta, the Platform and others. In 2021, her essay Ben ik nu een kunstenaar? has been featured in Mister Motley.

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