Hello everybody, It looks and feels like a party.

Glad y'all could make it, Underneath my words I'm all naked, Just like you, So I try not to.

It’s that super duper, Prototype pro-trooper, The Troubleshooter, Undercover buddha recruiter; Good old fashion loving just for you sugar. 

I've got you Feeling this text is all about you, Don't you feel special? 

You should ‘cause you are special, It's not just your mom who thinks so.

I promise, You here on purpose, these words are at your service.

I boss that, My cocoon like a boon, Assume I was like ho hey ho in your room.

As I spread my wings, Started doing my things. Now I'm loving the fact, yeah, Like my tingeling.

Twinkle twinkle, Little star. How I wonder, what is your art. 

I bet you wonder all that stuff, Inherent content.  Let me unwrap you like a present.

Yeah baby, You can call me daddy. 

So sweet of you; I'm here to make you feel happy.

Unfair - Teun_krosenbrink_yellow_2023

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Unfair - Teun_krosenbrink_sos_2023

Teun Krosenbrink
Sos (2023)
Unfair - Teun_krosenbrink_profilepic_2022 (1)

Teun Krosenbrink (1996) is a Dutch artist currently residing in Amsterdam. In 2020, he successfully completed his BFA from the HKU (University of the Arts Utrecht). Krosenbrink's work has been exhibited in Valkhofmuseum in Nijmegen, Akademie Galerie in Utrecht, Ron Mandos, and others.


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