Thom van Rijckevorsel

Thom van Rijckevorsel works with sculpture, video, installation and drawing. He creates images under construction: processes that are on their way to becoming an image. Rijckevorsel's videos show familiar actions like kneading clay, bending a piece of rubber or smearing paint on hands, to demonstrate the nature of actions itself. By zooming into the manipulation of materials, the artist aims to reveal the entanglements that bring an image to its material form. He explores the interplay between the physical and the digitally manipulated, creating a space that is both tangible and elusive. The sketch is his chosen method, representing a work-in-progress, continuously evolving and unfinished.

Unfair - Thom_van_rijckevorsel_it has all the colors and all the shapes and all the moves_2020_my own photography

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Fixing Fiction Friction
Unfair - Thom_van _rijckevorsel_fixing fiction friction_2022_video still

Thom van Rijckevorsel
Fixing Fiction Friction (2022)

Video still

In the Meantime II
Unfair - Thom_van _rijckevorsel_in the meantime ii_2023_my own photography

Thom van Rijckevorsel
In the Meantime II (2023)
Remind me tommorow
Unfair - Thom_van _rijckevorsel_remind me tomorrow_2019_video still

Thom van Rijckevorsel
Remind me tommorow (2019)

Video still

Unfair - Thom_van_rijckevorsel_••(two dots)_2022_installation prospects rotterdam 2022_my own photography

Thom van Rijckevorsel
•• (2022)

Installation Prospects Rotterdam

Unfair - Thom_van _rijckevorsel_portrait

Thom van Rijckevorsel (1977) is a Dutch artist currently based in Amsterdam. In 2019, he obtained his BFA from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Van Rijckevorsel's works have been showcased at Museum JAN, Cobra Museum, Art Rotterdam, Nieuw Dakota, Voorlinden, and Ron Mandos among others. His work has also been acquired by various collections such as the AkzoNobel Art Foundation, Collectie Voorlinden, Gemeente Collectie Amstelveen, NN Group Art Collection, and others.

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