‘It’s so big you have to take a distance!’
Thomas Trum works at the intersection of art and design. His approach is abstract and analytical, experimenting with different painting techniques and surfaces. He uses, for example, enlarged felt-tip pens and a machine originally designed for marking roads. The monochrome abstract works are made up of single lines. The combination of the line and its technical feasibility are the base of his work. To Trum it is effort over difficulty, when it comes to creating an image. He likes the idea that the works seem to make themselves and at the same time convey a physical experience. For Unfair™, Thomas used the largest possible felt-tip pen, so large that you can only read the work from a considerable (and safe) distance.

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Two purple lines 13
Unfair - Thomas trum, two purple lines 13 (2020)

Thomas Trum
Two purple lines 13 (2020)
Two orange lines by two orange lines
Unfair - Thomas trum, two orange lines by two orange lines (2020)

Thomas Trum
Two orange lines by two orange lines (2020)
Two blue lines 11
Unfair - Thomas trum, two blue lines 11 (2019)

Thomas Trum
Two blue lines 11 (2019)
Colourchangingline 09
Unfair - Thomas trum, colourchangingline 09, 2019

Thomas Trum
Colourchangingline 09 (2019)

Photo by Thomas Trum

Speedbump painting 1.3
Unfair - Thomas trum, speedbump painting 1.3, 2018
Unfair - Thomas trum, tentoonstellingsopzet the one day show, 2019

Thomas Trum
Speedbump painting 1.3 (2018)

100 x 70 cm

Photos by Thomas Trum, Mini Galerie

Unfair - Thomas-trum_onepurpleline_2019_417x355cm_acryl-and-glycerine_copyright-jhoeko_web-2048x1365 (1)

Thomas Trum (1989) lives and works in s’-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. He graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2014. His works have been shown at a variety of galleries and museums like Het Nieuw Instituut, Art Rotterdam and Het Noordbrabants Museum in ’s-Hertogenbosch. In 2018 Trum won The Loyens & Loeff Emerging Artist Award, which was given to the most promising presentation at Unfair18.

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