Thomas van Rijs artistic practice researches fragmented, distorted, and forgotten events and experiences from our collective memory. Simultaneously, the artist reflects on his own memories and experiences from youth. With a vast collection of visual imagery collected over the years, including encyclopedias, toys, architectural models, dioramas, miniature buildings, 80s and 90s computer games, and comics, he seeks to reconstruct these fragmented memories in the form of cartographic representations, blueprints, and aerial views. His practice primarily entails interdisciplinary work that combines painting, sculpture and architectural models. 

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Thomas van Rijs
Model 1
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Thomas van Rijs
Model 1 (2022)
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Thomas van Rijs (1986) is a Dutch artist currently based in Amsterdam. In 2014, he earned his BFA from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. He was nominated for the Piket Kunstprijzen in 2015. Van Rijs's work has been showcased in various spaces, including m. simons, W139, Patty Morgan, No Man's Art, Art Rotterdam, and numerous others.

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