For “Collage City” (Winner Architect Award 19/20) Unknown Architects were inspired by four visionary urban plans from the past. Unfair™ was characterized by four unique areas, each with its own character: coulisses, light-air-space, square and superstructure. Well-positioned and carefully designed openings in the walls allow infinitely different routes and offer beautiful views through all four areas. A bridge with a view over the central square acts as a landmark and forms the literal highlight of the design.

Unfair - Uaa_2020_unknownarchitects_maxhartnibbrig_01

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Unknown Architects

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Unknown Architects

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Unknown Architects

Unknown Architects was founded by Daan Vulkers (1991) and Keimpke Zigterman (1986). In their practice, they strive for a refined architecture with an eye for detail and context. They aim to create great spaces for their clients by means of specific and clear interventions, and a good sense of structure, detail and materiality. Unknown Architects is an office where the work, the architecture, comes first. Built works include interiors of private houses, store interiors and stage designs and have been widely published and exhibited among which in the Deutsches Architektur Museum in Frankfurt and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp.

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