Veldwerk, takes interest in design, research and documentation in architecture. Veldwerk, as the name suggests, approaches their designs with focus on site and context. According to Veldwerk a building is not an independent entity but one that is in dialogue with its surroundings. Veldwerk consists of Marius Grootveld and Jantje Engels.

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‘A fair, but not a fair’ Design proposal for UNFAIR™ 2022
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Unfair - Cabinet oblique diagrams
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‘A fair, but not a fair’ Design proposal for UNFAIR™ 2022
Unfair - Unfair_perspectives_clean_2 2

Marius Grootveld (1986), graduated from TU Delft cum laude in 2012. He has worked for several small offices in the Netherlands and as a project architect at Bovenbouw Architectuur in Antwerp. Since 2016 Grootveld has been a lecturer at the RWTH Aachen for the lehrstuhl für gebäudelehre and has taught at the TU Delft and the Academy of Architecture in Rotterdam since 2014.

Jantje Engels (1985), graduated in 2012 from TU Delft. During her studies she gained work experience at various offices for architecture, urban planning and landscape. After her graduation she worked for ONO architectuur in Antwerp and noArchitecten in Brussels. Since 2016 Engels has worked at De Smet Vermeulen architecten in Ghent. From 2017 until 2019 she taught in the Master program at the UAntwerp. Since 2018 Engels has been a member of the editorial staff of the OASE Journal.

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