Vincent de Boer, whose background is rooted in calligraphy, continuously pushes the boundaries of language. Fascinated by the world that opens up in a single brush stroke, he explores the complexity of movement. His body of work reflects his deep understanding of material and technique and the concentration required to master them. From this basis, de Boer applies his signature style to a range of mediums, such as paper, murals, and performances, showcasing his works both in the Netherlands and abroad. 

(Picture by Robin Meyer, collaboration with Jonas Wijtenburg)

Unfair - Vincent_ de boer_moddeknoop_2021_photo by robin meyer

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Unfair - Web-vincent_de boer_blackhole_2017 small

Vincent de Boer
Blackhole  (2017)
Workstation 2, Roll 5
Unfair - Vincent_de boer_workstation2roll5_2022 (1)

Vincent de Boer
Workstation 2, Roll 5 (2022)


MOD- is a project by Frank Koolen and Jonas Wijtenburg

Alphabets series
Unfair - 2022_vincent_alfabets_website_006

Vincent de Boer
Alphabets series

(2015 - 2022)

Workstation 3
Unfair - 3

Vincent de Boer
Workstation 3 (2022)

MOD- is a project by Frank Koolen and Jonas Wijtenburg

(Picture by Robin Meyer)

Unfair - Vincent_de boer_2023_photo by arthur martin
Picture by Arthur Martin

Vincent de Boer (1988) is a Dutch artist currently living in Utrecht. In 2010 he graduated from the HKU with a BA in Graphic Design. De Boer's work has been exhibited internationally at venues including the Eye Film Museum, Hashimoto Contemporary New York, Musée Cluny in Paris, AtypI Conference in Tokyo, Het Hem, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, and many others. His animated film The Stroke was awarded the debut prize at the Netherlands Film Festival in 2021. Furthermore, his work has been acquired by numerous esteemed collections such as Rijksoverheid, Eye Museum, ING Art Collection, ASR Art Collection and Conservation, and others. 

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