Yair Callender’s body of work is rooted in spatial work and sculptures. His works range from monumental pieces to those blurring the line between autonomous artwork and furniture. At the core of the artist’s practice lies a research into spiritual and symbolic ornaments and forms. Through his spatial work, Callender is searching for the inherent meaning within these spiritual and symbolic elements.

Unfair - For the vision of abou ben adhem - 1646 den haag 2018 (1)

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The night sky
Unfair - 2_monuments-at-billytown-2048x1151

Yair Callender
The night sky (2017)
Unfair - Yair_callender_2013-2048x1365

Yair Callender

Traces of human presence
Unfair - Traces of human presence - yaïr callender 2021 omstand arnhem

Yair Callender
Traces of human presence (2021)
Unfair - Selfie

Yair Callender (1987) is a Dutch artist currently living in The Hague. In 2013, Callender received his BA from the Royal Academy of Art. His work has been shown in art venues like Art Rotterdam, TENT Rotterdam, Nest, Oude Kerk in Amsterdam, Sis Josip Gallery, 1646, Escher in het Paleis, Grafische werkplaats in The Hague, Kadmium in Delft, DTRH Festival, Billytown, Beelden in Leiden and many others. 

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